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5 Steps For Creating A Healthy Work Culture

Unimarck Pharma 5 steps for creating a healthy work culture

How often have you heard or even said it yourself- “I liked working there but the culture wasn’t good!” Or maybe just after a few days in a new company you realize that culture is a bit different for you! Then you sit and wonder whether this is the place where you want to work and can work!

However, “work culture” carries a different meaning for different individuals. Now, the question- how to make a culture or a work environment that is one size that fits all? What kind of workplace will satisfy all your employees and keep them healthy, happy, and productive?

Firstly, we should understand that it is no debate that every employee needs a workplace where one is safe, confident, and satisfied; as well as flush with a huge and number of opportunities to outshine!

Keeping in mind not only the individual goals of employees but the overall goals of the organization, here are some simple steps to improve the energy, vibes, and culture of the workplace.

Increase Employee Engagement

What does an employee come for?

To earn bread and butter?

No, it is also a place where they learn and brush up their skills! Employees need continuous motivation and a sense of healthy and positive vibes. This makes the environment suitable and comfortable for them to work and bring out the best in them.

It is essential for employees to connect to their work emotionally and psychologically. Only when they feel connected to work, they can bring exquisite results in their work and overall productivity.

To increase employee engagement, involve them in fun activities, conduct employee surveys, prioritize feedback from them, maintain high energy and optimistic vibes, prioritize their physical & mental health, etc.

Increase Employee Retention

Are you concerned about employee turnover too? Several businesses get impacted due to the number of employees that leave without spending a good time with the company! This not only brings negative effects on the employees but also tarnishes the image of the company.

It is important for the employers and the organization to emphasize on “employee retention”. This will increase confidence among the existing employees and make them hopeful for their future. And, in turn, all these will subsequently result in better productivity and functionality of the organization.

To retain your employees, including regular and fair monetary benefits is not enough. They need constant appreciation for their work, reward from time to time, and relaxation time to have peace of mind. Recently, a new concept of career mapping has been introduced in some companies, where the respective assigned officers map the career growth of each employee based on their job profile, their skills, and other parameters. Include them to ensure that the employees and the employers are symbiotically benefitted.

Improve Communication With Employees

It is impossible to change a culture without anticipating what things run in an employee’s mind! Earlier, the employees were not communicated properly and these one-sided things are just not that effective.

The recent changes where employee participation is appreciated in a discussion is quite prevailing as well as productive for the employees. Several companies have found benefits in communicating with their employees. No matter what level of employee is to be connected, just make sure to appreciate them at each level.

In order to communicate with them, give them clear feedback on their work, communicate with them about the achievements and goals as well as bring an environment that nurtures collaboration, encouragement, and fair-feeling among the people.

Build A Strong Employer Brand

For an organization, an employer brand is as important as a customer brand. Only, when the employer brand is improved, will the customer brand and the entire organization will witness effective results.

Unfortunately, very few organizations focus or devote some resources or time on building and improving an enduring employer brand. Although, the organization does not really need to spend a huge amount but at least pay enough attention to the employer brand.

A strong and reliable brand of employers in an organization helps in achieving the target goals- both on an individual as well as on the organizational level.

Besides all these, making the workplace fun and content can bring a great difference between those happy-faced employees and those pent and disappointed employees. Therefore, in order to thrive better and long term- handpick the people who you think are ready for a job.

Above all these, an employee should understand that they are pillars of an organization; and each one of them is equally important. Thus, even if the employers and managers are trying their best, an employee should put in all the efforts to bestow their best to the organization.


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