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How To Stay Productive While Working From Home During The Covid-19 Pandemic?

How To Stay Productive While Working From Home During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Everyone is a working from home now! (almost)

Now, we all have joined the force to curb the contamination of coronavirus. Considering the pandemic, and guidelines issued by the healthcare professionals, we have confined ourselves in the four corners of our home. And as our financials do not just cease if a virus outbreaks, not having an income is out of option.

However, staying home amidst all our family members surrounded by kids and the elderly can be a challenge to focus on work. This, in turn, hampers our productivity and overall performance at work. Besides this, becoming lethargic and skipping household chores is possible.

So, how to stay productive during this work from home time during the COVID-19?

Here are some of the simplest and easy to adopt practices for better performance.

Use A designated Workspace

Are you assigned a desk at your workplace? You enjoy sitting there and can only work when you are there, right? We humans tend to adopt nearby aura and perform accordingly.
Therefore, while sitting to work from home, make sure that you assign a desk for the same in your home. A designated workplace at your home helps in increasing performance and productivity. About 43% of employees use this designated workspace. Do not sit on your bed; it will only make you more lazy and ineffective.

Unimarck Pharma Form A Schedule For Stay Productive At Home During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Structure Your Day

If your office place is where you eat, sleep, and spend most of your leisure time, you ought to work less compared to an average day at work. About 36% of employees say they follow a structure while working to resemble the same working hours. Moreover, working on a specified time will help you in maintaining a smooth communication with your clients and co-workers. It will help you stay productive at work and at home!

Do not forget to take breaks

Breaks are as important as your working hours. Continuous exertion in work will drain your energy and even make you susceptible to fall ill. Therefore, if your working hours are 8 hours in a day, divide your breaks accordingly to get enough relaxation. About 34% of employees say that breaks are essential to be productive in working hours. Take up short breaks for about 10-15 minutes and relax. And, when you are at home, it is best to get up and take a walk in our home. All-day sitting can put an unnecessary load on your back.

Form a schedule

As this might be the first time for you to work from home, managing tasks and assignments becomes difficult. Either you have too much time after completing work or have no time at all. Therefore, to be productive, and show the same to your employer, divide your tasks in hours. Once you sit on your desk and about to start work, look at your tasks and plan a schedule beforehand. It will help you make you feel productive and hence increase your confidence.

Stay away from distraction

One of the easiest ways to fall back in productivity is to be surrounded by distractions. And, if you are working from home- distractions are infinite. It can be kids, pets, the neighbors, someone at the door, maybe your kitchens need attention- there are numerous reasons. In addition to these, mobiles and other electronic gadgets are also distractions. If you have a separate room, then you can keep it shut. However, just communicate with your family to not disturb you until an emergency. Get all your members on the same page.

Communicate often

Last but not the least, communication is the key. It is important for you to be in touch with your co-workers. About 23% percent of people say that communication with colleagues is essential to remain productive. This will help you update each other in terms of tasks and also what is to be planned for the day. Besides this, you will also sustain your relationship with your co-workers. And, talking to them is easier compared to the previous way of gathering up the courage to walk up to their desk.


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