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Top 5 Health Disorders Expected to Rise Among Indian Youth

Top 5 Health Disorders Expected to Rise Among Indian Youth

For many years Indians have been known to be healthiest due to their simplified and nature-based lifestyles. A lifestyle based on natural foods and seasonal fruits that has always been beneficial has now been forgotten. What turned out to be a boon to the world from our ancestors has now been immensely ignored by our young population.

Today, neglecting nutrition and a fast cooking lifestyle has become a mainstay of our eating habits. As a result, there are currently more ways in which our bodies can be altered than ever before.

“ But little do we realize that what and how we eat today may eventually be eating us tomorrow “

Although the average life expectancy of Indians has increased up to 0.33%, accounting for 70. 4 years. However, deadly diseases have increased exponentially due to poor lifestyle choices today.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, India has the highest number of people with Diabetes globally, with 77 million living with Diabetes, projecting 134 million by 2045 (International Diabetes Federation).

With ignorance towards our ancient knowledge and a rise in carelessness, India has become home to many diseases. Bearing the largest population in the world, we are heading towards a greater responsibility towards healthcare.

In this article, we are going to take a glance at some of the expected diseases which may rise in India. Therefore, a healthy shift is required in the youth of India with the mission to bring back a healthy lifestyle and turn the numbers along the way.

The Rising Risk of Heart Attack

CVDs are striking the Indian population way more furiously than the Westerns.

The Rising Risk of Heart Attack

According to the World Health Organization, India accounts for one-fifth of these deaths worldwide, especially in the younger population.

Indians tend to develop coronary artery disease due to their genetic predisposition. Also, it is often considered that our blood vessels are smaller, which are more prone to accumulate blockages.

A leading cause of this could be the consumption of trans fats. In addition, increasing mental stress may lead to a poor lifestyle that compels Indians to consume more alcohol or smoke.

Thus, due to ignorance of healthy choices, complications are rising daily. Youth reflect their risk factors through increased blood pressure, glucose, and lipids. This has often given rise to obesity and overweight issues.

If proper measures are not taken into account, these indications might turn into heart failure, heart attack, or strokes.

People Experiencing Hypertension

The Indian government has set a target to achieve a significant reduction of 25% in cases of hypertension by 2025.

Very few Indians in their adulthood are able to control their blood pressure. This has a direct impact on death due to CVDs.

People Experiencing Hypertension

According to the statistics, the number of men who suffer from this disease is three times more than women. It has also been observed that one-eighth of every young population has been found with some degree of hypertension.

The reasons for finding these statistics are mainly due to two conditions. One is certain working conditions and an inappropriate environment; the other falls down to taking on survival responsibilities and growing social pressures.

Hypertension often results in avoidable deaths if risk patterns are continued. Hence, this disease can potentially avoid death through proper diet intake and physical activities.

A Spike In Eye Diseases

A Spike In Eye Diseases

It’s not only India, but people worldwide are getting susceptible to eye disorders. Due to the immense use of digital equipment, people are prone to accumulate vision impairments to a certain degree.

Nearly 500 million people are estimated to have vision problems in India. By 2030, it will affect approximately 40% of the urban population.

Indians are observed to have 6 hrs of average screen time a day. Hence, concerning screen time, dry eyes are a major result of it.

We don’t realize that our tears are not just composed of water but oil and mucus too. When we blink our eyes, it often creates a tear film that aids in keeping the eyes sufficiently moist. Thus, these symptoms of dry eyes lead to more adverse effects.

Therefore, frequent blinking and technology fasting is recommended after the upsurge in digital usage. It has also been significantly seen in children due to disregarding eye health that has got extended in young adults with major eye problems.

More People Might Suffer From Lung Disorders

India has been on the rise of respiratory diseases due to growing numbers of patients having lung-related diseases. It has become the most significantly rising non-communicable disease.

With the air quality report of 2022, India has been placed in eighth position among the most populated countries. As a result, many people are engulfing the toxic pollutants, resulting in about 2.5 years of decreased life expectancy.

India’s air quality is seven times worse than the standards set by WHO. These elevated levels of pollutants like nitrogen oxide in the air have proven to damage the lungs. Due to the prevalence of harmful effects, research is warning to see a rise in asthma cases in children as well.

The very fact is that every 9 out of 10 people in urban areas are affected by air pollutants globally, and India is one of the top countries among them, which directly indicates the future of lung-related diseases.

Growing Numbers of Mental Disorders

As Indians are moving towards their developing stage and getting beyond survival, people might face mental issues as a consequence of these.

It has already been observed that mental disorders will scale up due to rarer physical lifestyles and more dealing with mental things.

Growing Numbers of Mental Disorders

Some major contributors could be stress, drug abuse or overdose, cognitive behavior like constant negative thoughts that depletes vital energy, and social problems like financial breakdowns or isolation.

80 % of Indians are ignorant of this and do not seek treatment. Hence, mental issues might also lead to the downfall of the country’s economic growth. Therefore, it is necessary to take preventive measures and seek quality care.


Being in the Pharma Industry for around 40 years, Unimarck Pharma (I ) Limited is heading towards finding solutions in the healthcare industry. We are diligently working towards providing quality treatments through quality medications against many illnesses. Our core belief is in prevention. Hence, one should opt for regular checkups and treatments to treat illnesses at early stages. This can prevent people from developing higher risk and thus we encourage them through these articles to opt for healthy choices to live healthy lives.

We would love to hear about how this article helped you. Let us know in the comments which one illness among these would be highly prevalent according to you.


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