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Four Notable Pharma Trends In 2025

Four Notable Pharma Trends In 2025

With an outbreak of the COVID-19, the trust in big pharmas have increased like never before. According to a survey, about 49% of the people have agreed that they view the pharmaceutical industry way more positively than they did before the pandemic. In order to focus on the core of the social purpose, various pharma companies have embraced a well-balanced fusion of technology and human judgment. This constitutes artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing as well as advanced analytics. It is expected that pharma transformation will come in the form of them relying on technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchains, and data-driven platforms. Needless to say, the dynamics of the pharma industry are growing and changing like never before. Enumerated below are four trends which will transform the pharma sector in 2025:

1. Patient-oriented power:

Patient-oriented power

Innovation of the drugs will be completely centric towards the patients through the 2020s. Certain life-saving therapies will also become widely accessible and will focus majorly on patient outcomes. One can also imagine the individuals taking a growing control of their health data and well-being.

2. Track & Trace Treatments:

While digitalisation is bound to bring new threats to the security, the 2020s will definitely see an overhaul of pharma supply chains with a growing number of stakeholders and time-sensitive deliveries. Blockchain is expected to be central to the defence in the face of risks of diversion, drug tampering, cyber-attacks, and counterfeiting. The supply chains are further expected to be more customer-centric and the technology will enable seamless transactions with greater visibility.

Track & Trace Treatments

3. Nest-Gem clinical trials:

Advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning will definitely transform the future of clinical trials and improve medical adherence. The trials are expected to become more global and more remotely led. It will also be possible to connect with the patients virtually by the pharma employees by using video conferencing. There shall also be a surge in the number of health and fitness applications, which are expected to grow to USD 13 Million by the end of 2025.

4. R&D AI-Volution:

R&D AI-Volution

AI has always been very integral in the creation and distribution of vaccines, and this will further be facilitated and redefined in the next set of years. In the next set of years, various pharmaceutical researchers will use AI and ML to facilitate the development of various kinds of novel treatments.


The pandemic has demonstrated how the pharma sector is competitive. Digitalisation will soon become the norm in the next set of years. Unimarck is a company which believes in resilient and secure supply chains with tech-enabled clinical trials. It’s purpose-driven and product-oriented at the same time.


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