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The future of pharma and the pharmaceutical industry

Unimarck-The future of pharma and the pharmaceutical industry

The Pharma industry has been an industry that the world has backed upon for a while now. It ensures healthcare for all and every nation depends upon the progress of it in the long run. The world is changing with a shift in technologies and the Pharma industry is indeed no exception to this. In the coming times, the Pharma industries will have to embrace technologies, patent design and innovation for better upkeep of the citizenry. Did you know that the global revenue of the pharmaceutical market is 1.2 trillion dollars? The amount of money at stake is also the reason why this industry has to always ensure that it outperforms itself.

However, the Pharma industry is facing huge challenges, from financial issues to ethical issues.

How can these issues in the Pharma industry be solved?

How can these issues in the Pharma industry be solved?

If the Pharma industry embraces disruptive technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence guided therapies and 3D printed drugs, then nothing can stop the industry from benefiting from the digital revolution. Enlisted below are a few technologies which are shaping the trend of Pharma industries:

Have patents in the advisory board of pharmaceutical gains

A lot of patients are taking their health in their own hands in the form of digital health. This is why the patients should be treated as equal partners in pharmacies and hospitals, and even Pharma companies. It would also be easier to come up with the development of new products if the exact needs of the customers are highlighted.

Digital pills

Digital pills, medications with embedded electronic circuits can be very beneficial for specific conditions and specific patients.

Virtual reality against painkillers

Virtual reality is indeed becoming a reality in the hospitals. A doctor can assist in the OR without even lifting equipment. One of the most successful reasons for using virtual reality against painkillers is to ensure that the people suffering from chronic pain have some ease. Hence, some Pharma companies should seek developing some new types of painkillers.

Virtual reality against painkillers

Augmented reality to make drug prescriptions more fun

Augmented reality to make drug prescriptions more fun

Augmented reality has a lot of exciting applications in terms of healthcare. The nurses can find veins easy with the help of an AR vein scanner. All these things are signs that AR will enter the industry very soon. With the help of AR, the patients can also see how the drugs work in 3D in front of their very eyes.


Unimarck Pharma is a Pharma company which believes in the wellness for all. It is a highly reputed Pharma company in north India and has a strong base of operations accompanied with a stellar force of around 600 personnel. Unimarck believes in improving at each stage to surpass the level of the expectations of the consumers. As a Pharma company, it believes in the deliverance of exceptional quality.


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