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Improve Your Gut Health On World Digestive Health Day 2023

Improve Your Gut Health On World Digestive Health Day 2023

If you are aware of how crucial it is to have digestion power for a robust body, you may realize that improving your digestion can lead you to the highest body performance.

Your gut holds special importance because it can heal almost every problem. If you experience stomach problems like bloating, food intolerance, indigestion, and constipation, chances are you are missing understanding the fundamentals of digestion.

On this World Digestive Health Day, the article below can help you optimize your digestive system by deeply understanding its functional elements. We need to recognize the underlying cause of digestive issues that may, in turn, give birth to many illnesses if ignored.

How to Boost Your Digestive Health

There are two things to focus on when it comes to increasing your digestive power.

First is the type of food we choose to eat. Second is the ability to generate digestive enzymes which helps break down our food quickly. Both are linked to each other as food and digestive enzymes work with perfect synchronicity in our digestive system. It is because we need energy from the food as quickly as possible, this harmony exists.

Nature has also assisted in the digestive process by providing good bacteria which help in the digestion process. As a result, bacterias play a critical role in absorbing nutrients and providing us with optimum energy as fast as feasible.

Feed your gut with good bacteria

“Failing” to maintain a healthy amount of gut flora can lead to a variety of digestive issues.”

Feed your gut with good bacteria

Keeping good bacteria can cultivate a healthy gut microbiome. The type of bacteria and periodic patterns of gut microbiota in newborns differ greatly from those in adults. It has a huge impact on the capacity to digest among different age groups, hence the suggestions for food intake also vary.

Many variables can influence them, including antibiotics, illness, stress, aging, poor dietary habits, and lifestyle. As a result, It also influences the whole body functioning and mental wellness of an individual.

Eliminate Bad Bacteria

Although some microbes are pathogenic in nature. Most of them are listed as gram-negative bacteria. They may be the cause of infection or stomach illness such as pneumonia, bloodstream infections, wound infections, and meningitis.

Eliminate Bad Bacteria

In some cases, good microbes are turned evil when they are placed in the wrong place or are present in increased numbers.

The dominance of bad bacteria leads to a disease called dysbiosis. Thus these bad bacteria can impair your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and dysregulated digestion while also further causing infections.

Stimulate the Gut Lining

The gut lining is an important part to focus on but is generally overlooked by many people. It works to create a barrier that stops harmful substances from entering into the bloodstream.

The work that our gut lining does to keep us healthy is to maintain everything within our gastrointestinal system. This helps keep harmful substances intact within the gut area preventing it from moving outside. This helps you get rid of all toxins by processing these toxins within.

However, if the gut lining gets damaged, microparticles like toxins and bacteria can leak into your blood. Hence, it may lead to several digestion issues while also causing an inflammatory response.

Relationship of Hormones and Gut Microbiome

Relationship of Hormones and Gut Microbiome

One major reason that contributes to gut health is how gut bacteria function to regulate your hormones.

If you have been eating processed food for a long time and are living an inactive life, the first thing you should check upon is your hormone imbalance. However, you may not instantly cure it but you would need to make the right lifestyle and dietary changes.

Gut bacteria and your hormones are closely connected and thus can cause problems if imbalanced. This includes the functioning of sex hormones, adrenal hormones, and even thyroid hormones that have an impact on our overall well-being.

The serenity and harmony of your intestinal flora can be quickly disrupted if you do not treat gut health seriously. Hence, checking out the functioning of hormones through opting tests is crucial for proper body functioning.

What are Appetite Hormones?

Appetite hormones are importantly required by the body to maintain a balance in energy. It helps prevent obesity and associated disorders and possesses numerous functions when it comes to establishing healthy digestion abilities which include-

  • Hormones traveling in the bloodstream carrying messages from endocrine glands to produce cells and organs
  • Ups and downs in mood and regulating energy that may cause imbalance.
  • Releasing melatonin and serotonin in the brain and gut help us control our sleep-wake activities
  • Plays a role in controlling and processing sugars while also aiding bone formation

Ghrelin and leptin are two main appetite hormones that help regulate and control our appetite to have a well-functioning body.

How do Ghrelin and Leptin control appetite?

Ghrelin is a hunger hormone that tells us when it’s time to fuel ourselves with a meal. Leptin is a satiety hormone that sends a single or message when your stomach gets full and done with that meal.

An imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut influences the release of ghrelin and leptin. This results in dysregulation of these hormones leading to overeating or eating less due to receiving wrong messages.

These Hormones are also used as a therapy to control patients’ compulsive eating activities. Hence, it helps treat obesity. Therefore, keeping your gut healthy can also keep your signals aligned to attain homeostasis.

How do imbalanced gut microbiomes reduce energy?

There are bacteria present in the body when absent or function abnormally resulting in fluctuating blood sugar levels.( Beth JoJack, Jan 2023 ). Insulin takes sugar (glucose) from the bloodstream and uses it as an energy source. Its non-functioning may lead to obesity.

How do imbalanced gut microbiomes reduce energy?

This insulin hormone regulates energy levels by keeping our blood sugar levels balanced and supplying us with the necessary amount of energy each day. The imbalance of this hormone as a result of an unhealthy gut induces weight gain since it makes it difficult for obtaining appropriate energy.

Thus its regulation may reflect in the overall health of the body. Hence negligence towards gut health can also cause complications related to insulin such as hyperglycemia and high blood sugar level increasing the lethargy and obesity in the body.


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