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How to treat cervical cancer by understanding its causes, symptoms, and prevention

How to treat cervical cancer by understanding its causes, symptoms, and prevention

Cervical cancer is a type of cancer in the cervix region, the bottom part of the uterus also called the mouth of the uterus in a woman’s body. This occurs when the cells of the cervix start growing abnormally, causing them to become cancerous.

It is also the most common type of cancer found in women. In developing countries, this cancer is frequently emerging and has contributed to becoming the world’s fourth most common type of cancer.

Cervical cancer brought the death toll to many women globally. The survival rate of life was staggering in the mid-1970. Today, everyone is intending to improve through its prevention by collecting great resources worldwide. This has also contributed to the increased knowledge of various platform that deals to cure this virally induced cancer.

Therefore, with the intent to become more aware let’s move ahead this year while taking certain preventive measures for diseases like cancer. January is a month for cervical cancer awareness. It is a time when the world continues its journey towards betterment. Let us acknowledge and focus on the cause of cervical cancer and get familiar with this disease.

How does it occur?

It is cancer caused by the human papillomavirus, also called the HPV virus. It occurs through sexual contact with another person.

The HPV virus infects the cell on the surface of the cervix. This speeds up the cell’s ability to change, which makes the disease spread.

It is often due to a weak immune system where the virus frequently begins converting normal cells to cancer cells. The cancerous condition is known as carcinoma because the virus often attacks and infects the inner lining cells.

In cervical cancer, there are two types of carcinoma. One is caused by fat cells that begin in the inner lining of the cervix in women over 40. The second begins in the epithelial cells that produce mucus, which attacks more young women.

Different kinds of HPV can cause cancer in the cervix. HPV 16 and HPV 18 are the most common types. These HPV viruses cause most cases of cervical cancer that are spread through sexual contact.

Reasons for getting infected with this virus

People who acquire weak immune systems are much more likely to get infected. Some types of birth control pills also cause women to have a weak immune system which has a drastic impact on the reproductive system. This makes women more likely to get cancer. Several types of abnormal changes can occur in the cervical cells. If you don’t treat these unnatural changes, they can lead to more aggression sates.

Some factors that lead to cancer formation-

  • Having multiple sexual partners leads to developing HPV and cervical cancer.
  • Cervical cancer risk is higher in women with HIV/AIDS or other immune-compromising diseases.
  • Women who smoke harm the DNA in their cells, increasing the likelihood that they will develop cancer.
  • Women who have used oral contraceptives may be more likely to develop cervical cancer.
  • A woman’s risk of developing cervical cancer may be higher if she has had three or more children.
  • Getting older above the age of 30 also increases the risk of developing cervical cancer.

Signs and symptoms of cervical cancer

Early on, cervical cancer typically exhibits no noticeable symptoms. This is why it is crucial to screen for this cancer. The most recent stages of general science are characterized by bleeding, and abnormal bleeding without periods is frequently observed in the reproductive part. It also sometimes bleeds either after menopause or after sexual activity.

Signs and symptoms of cervical cancer

Additionally, it causes pain during sexual activity. Also may lead to possibly heavy discharge that also causes pelvic pain. However, these ailments occasionally occur at the later stages, necessitating one consult a healthcare provider for an accurate diagnosis.

How to prevent it?

It is advised that people are given the human papillomavirus vaccine at 11 or 12 to protect against specific types of HPV that may cause cervical cancer.

Thus, doctors do recommend regular screening exams like the Pap and HPV tests. These tests help to detect abnormal cells in the cervix and are frequently performed as a precautionary measure. The Pap test is a smear test where cells from the cervix understand their nature under a microscope to encounter changes in the cells. While the HPV test helps to identify the HPV genetic material present in the cells if they are developing cervical cancer.

In addition, new research is being carried out to find genetic factors that lead to cervical cancer in women’s ancestry. The epigenetic biomarkers of HPV infection in women with cervical HPV use topical adjuvant therapy to treat cervical precancer.

Which treatments exist for this cancer?

If abnormal changes are discovered, the doctor might advise additional treatments. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery are frequently used to treat cervical cancer. Depending on the aggressiveness and stage, different treatments are used according to the severity of cancer.

Which treatments exist for this cancer?

Surgery is the most frequent method of treating cervical cancer in its early stages. It entails removing the cancerous tissue and a small amount of surrounding healthy tissue. In more severe circumstances, surgery involves the removal of the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes from a female body.

Other methods to kill cancer cells are radiation therapy which uses X-rays and other high-energy beams. It can be distributed both internally and externally (using radiation from an external beam) (brachytherapy).

In addition to it, Chemotherapy is another way of treating this cancer. This cancer treatment method involves targetting drugs that help to irradicate cancer cells.


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