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How to Start a Generic Pharmaceutical Company in India?

Unimarck Pharma How to Start a Generic Pharmaceutical Company in India

Started to establish a pharmaceutical company in India? We all know how great the Pharma Industry in India has been expanding. It has gained a lot of reputation and significance in the global pharmaceutical market. India has become one of the biggest exporters of generic medicines around the globe.

If you are planning to set up your own pharmaceutical company, perhaps you should buckle up and prepare yourself for the milestones you need to cover.

Let us explore.

Step By Step Guide For Launching A Generic Pharmaceutical Unit

Talk to Experienced People

Before setting up any business, it is vital for you to research a lot about it. And, that can be done only with the help of people who have experience for the same. Whether you talk to your mentor or set up a meeting with a person who is well informed about the business. He will provide you the best insights on running and operating the business. His experience and struggles can benefit you in learning what to do and what to do.

Form a Business Plan

After learning all things about the Pharma Company, the next step shall be to form a business plan for the same. The plan should be detailed covering all the investments, risks, resources, marketing plan, location, operation, laborers, executives, future predictions, current scenario, and many others. It will help in the smooth running of business once set up. Do not miss to go through the set of rules laid by the authorities for setting up a Pharma Company.

Register your Company

Think of a nice brand name, your company name, and prepare other documents necessary to register your company. Follow the steps to register your company:

  • Acquired Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • Acquiring Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Get a new user registration or fill an eForm
  • Incorporation of the Company
Unimarck Pharma Register your Company

Application For The Allotment Of Drug License Number

To apply for an allotment of the drug license number, it is vital to check with the local drug inspector? Meeting them will bring a fair idea about the documents and formal procedure needed for the application. The inspector will inform and guide you with the specific guidelines to get the drug license number. The list is quite comprehensive and extensive and shall consume a lot of time to collect everything.

The blueprint of the premises, agreements, ownership details, partnership (if any), pollution control certificates, power connection details, as well as several other affidavits as per requirement.

It is important to check all the documents twice in order to not miss anything. Also, make sure to have a copy of all the documents before submitting all.

GST Registration

The new GST Regimen needs the business to have a GST registration number. The process is really simple and online. Hence, if you do not feel comfortable with the process, you may contact a consultant for the same. This GST Registration number is unique for all businesses and shall be mentioned everywhere.


Pharma Business is a lucrative business option for every business enthusiast. If you follow the above steps and guidelines, you will surely be able to set up a pharma business. Bring your best foot front with your business and entrepreneurial skills.



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