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How to avoid Arthritis? World Arthritis Day

How to avoid Arthritis? World Arthritis Day

Arthritis has affected 50 million adults worldwide. Understanding its cause can make you aware of its prevention.

Arthritis is a broad term for diseases of joints that causes inflammation or swelling. It is also used as a broad description that covers the issues of damaged connective tissues around the joints. Also, different types of arthritis cause different problems and thus need different treatments

It is an inflammatory disease that affects elderly women. Yet, people of all ages may get affected at any stage of life. In particular, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis causes in children whereas scleroderma, fibromyalgia, and psoriatic arthritis are caused in adults

Cause of arthritis

Diseases that fall under arthritis have an autoimmune component such as autoantigens or self-antigens that initiates the cascade of the immune system to produce antibodies against it. These self-antigens are recognized by autoantibodies inside the body.

A faulty immune system is discovered causing this disease to emerge, resulting in attacking its own cells and tissues in the joint regions. Symptoms that arise as a result of this are pain, aching, stiffness, and swelling in or around the joints.

Simple precautions to beat arthritis

Simple precautions to beat arthritis

Anything done for prevention is always better than curing it afterward. Thus, following these guidelines diligently will help you prevent arthritis from its source.

Regulating weight

A key study has shown that obese and overweight adults are most prone to osteoarthritis. As fat comprises active tissues called adipocytes causes the cells to release pro-inflammatory chemicals. Hence, reducing weight will eventually release pressure on the knees which helps in relieving the overall inflammation inside the body.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy

Physical movement helps you move and function your joints in daily life. It results in enhancing mobility while restoring the lubrication in joints. It must be taken care that one should involve in low aerobic exercises that help to focus primarily on the strength and flexibility of joints. Therefore, Avoid becoming immobilized which causes stiffness in joints that in turn leads to the weakening of joints.

Foods to Boost Joints

Our overall health is supported by the food we consume. It is concluded that consuming enough calcium and vitamin D will reduce the likelihood of bone diseases. Additionally, vitamin D can help you increase your energy, which also lessens muscle fatigue.

Because women are more likely to experience lower calcium problems and therefore, they experience the majority of arthritis cases. It is often advised that one must consume foods high in calcium and vitamin D to maintain bone density.

Avoid Vigorous activities

Always consider the age, condition, and capacity of the body before adding any type of strenuous exercise or thinking to reach a workout plateau. Exercise that is vigorously done can result in injuries that begin with stiffness and swelling and eventually progress to joint damage or inflammation. To increase the intensity of exercise at a later age, one should always consult with medical professionals to prevent future joint problems.

Avoid Vigorous activities


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