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G20 Summit 2023: Declaration by Leaders on Health

G20 Summit 2023

As we learn about the biggest highlight of this month, the G20 Summit 2023 hosted by India turned out to be a massive win. It was observed that “100% consensus” was seen from all the G20 New Delhi Leaders, who discussed three important healthcare matters: pandemics, partnerships, and providing access to healthcare, very fairly and sensibly yet hoping to move forward towards inclusive growth.

This has not only ushered in strengthening of the relationships between countries but has also led to the rising influence of India globally.

By extending hands to move collectively, India’s presidency has taken a human-centric approach with the slogan One Earth, One Family, and One Future while keeping healthcare central to it.

To create a framework that collectively integrates systems, G20 Nations showed their interest in preventing, predicting, detecting, and responding to health threats.

In this article, let’s hop on to 3 major declarations made by G20 Summit leaders on the healthcare frontline addressing both present and future health challenges.

Pandemics: Prevention, Preparedness, and Response

Leaders want to create strong and fair health systems that must work for everyone. They called it “universal health through one health approach.”


A quality framework was implemented to enhance healthcare services and systems in preparation for life-threatening health crises such as pandemics.

Thus, Pandemic PRR brought up the strategy for prevention, preparedness, and response to future health comings. It is for the Global Public Good that necessitates a collective effort from people across the globe.

For this, they highlighted the need for a well-planned and effective response to reduce the costs on health and society economics.

Concerning the work plan and financing mechanisms for the G20 joint finance and health task force, the WHO and the World Bank are indulging in various exercises to understand the existing pandemic response.

This has served to find the gaps for developing effective coordination for optimizing pandemic response through great finance in the future.

Thus, leaders in the G20 meeting planned to focus on finding solutions to use money effectively by developing a joint response to future pandemics.

Strengthening the Pharmaceutical Sector with Partnerships

India has been successful in building consensus for producing medication and has managed to strengthen cooperation from leaders in the Pharmaceutical sector.

Strengthening the Pharmaceutical Sector with Partnerships

While there was no immediate consensus made to provide a permanent platform for the equitable excess to medications, a temporary plan was agreed upon that involves researching and making medication for distributing them.

Using this temporary plan can confirm a strong and official agreement to deal with many deadly diseases. This would make sure to provide greater access to medicines to help people during pandemics.

This temporary plan is supposed to be controlled by delegates from many different countries, particularly those that are not very wealthy. An essential decision will be made by WHO that will organize them to bring it together so that it is fair and involves everyone in decision-making.

Hence, to take proper countermeasures in the medical field, G20 leaders were willing to provide supplies and production capabilities in developing countries to prepare for future health emergencies.

Thus, the declaration reveals that they are committed to resolving the health care issues by keeping healthy partnerships and providing access to medical care.

Providing Access to Health Workforce and Healthcare Services

Providing Access to Health Workforce and Healthcare Services

To make it easier for people to get safe, good-quality medicines, G20 leaders are taking several actions by providing greater access, such as

Making basic Health Care stronger- Easy access to basic health care services is achieved by strengthening the primary health care and health workforce, where global leaders agreed to provide better and essential health services within the next 2 to 3 years.

Fighting other diseases- Besides COVID-19, leaders are working to find solutions for diseases like polio, tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis, and water-borne diseases. Thus, a firm determination was observed on their end for these epidemics.

Study long on COVID-19- Giving importance to research for long on Covid. They suspected that some people might suffer from COVID-19 and have health problems even after the cure from COVID-19. Thus, for a greater understanding, they are contributing to finding ways to help infected people and irradicate it from the root.

Thus, focusing on making healthcare better, fighting different diseases, and learning more about the long-lasting effects of COVID-19 has let leaders contribute to providing Universal health coverage.


Certainly, India’s role in leading the G20 event was appreciated by the most powerful countries.

Making the consensus for working together in the future compelled world leaders to represent their opinions on emerging issues, ensuring health must not be neglected.

To tackle global health challenges, countries’ leaders worked to build more equitable and well-equipped health systems.

Thus, recognizing the need for strengthening local and regional health product manufacturing capacities, cooperation from all countries has inspired many pharma companies to contribute and work together as well.

Hence, for developing regional manufacturing capabilities, India was successful in getting access to a great supply chain ecosystem, health workforce, and digital upliftment from foreign countries.

Unimarck Pharma, a well-established 40-year-old pharma company, has already been offering its manufacturing services, considering an important part to contribute to the vision and mission of the country. Thus, our company works to ensure coherency in the efforts and actions of the government’s vision by providing affordable and quality Healthcare with quality medications for uplifting Healthcare together.


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