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5 Tips for Early Cancer Detection on World Cancer Day

5 Tips for Early Cancer Detection on World Cancer Day

Early diagnosis improves cancer outcomes by providing patients to receive the best care as soon as possible. However, 50% of cancers are already at their developed stage when diagnosed. Hence cancer treatment is delayed, and it becomes more difficult for a person to fight it in its later stages. On the other hand, it also leads to higher treatment costs that get even more difficult for the average Indian to afford its treatment. As a result, it is critical to plan ahead of time to receive an early diagnosis.

When it comes to early cancer detection, screening is the most challenging part of the process. Therefore, it is considered an undiagnosed disease that attacks healthy cells, causing them to divide uncontrollably. Screening programs help confirm the diagnosis and obtain effective treatment at the earliest possible stage.

As a result, many pharmaceutical companies work to provide and facilitate timely diagnosis to improve access to cancer treatments for all. This helps to establish effective strategies for detecting early cancer stages to save lives and reduce the economic cost of it.

Recognizing the possible alarming and warning signs in the body can help you with early diagnosis of it. Here are some early cancer detection tips to help raise awareness to prevent it.

Physical Examination

Physical examination by Doctors

The sole purpose of a physical examination is to identify areas of your body that have lumps. A visual examination of the body is performed to look for general signs of new growth or lumps. This oftentimes includes abnormalities in skin color or enlargement of an organ in a specific area. It also includes a history of the patient’s health record in previous diseases.

Laboratory Tests

A medical test involves a multitude of procedures. It includes urine, stool, and tissue testing. Cervical cancer is frequently detected using smear tests. A biopsy test is performed to detect abnormal growth in any part of the body. Stool tests are often used to detect occult blood or polyps in the case of colon cancer. As a result, these tests reveal issues that may lead to cancer formation.

Laboratory tests

Diagnostic and Imaging Procedures

Diagnostic and Imaging procedures

In laboratory tests, identifying tumor markers may help in early diagnostic procedures of cancer. It also includes imaging tests such as CT scans, MRIs, and PET scans, as well as other tests such as ultrasound. CT scans use an X-ray machine and a computer to create images of organs from various angles, whereas MRIs use radio waves to identify tumors in the body through pictures.


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